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Posted on : Thursday 12th March 2020 11:03 AM

The proliferation of Robotic Machines

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As future robotic technology will get smarter. Robotic machines will manage to pervasively get into all sectors which have become an integral part of our human life. Mankind is facing a paradigm which will change our living style and work forever. Consequently, Humans have become fearful of robots that are increasingly dominating in many sectors such as household, medical, industrial, services, production lines and so on.

These technologies can change our perspective of machine integrating into our human life.  The people’s perspective can differ from one to another. However, many people have the following questions.

Ø  What is and isn’t a robot?

Ø  How are they going to help our world?

Ø  Are they going to take over our jobs?

Such questions are quite common nowadays. In my opinion the rise of robotic machines comes with pros and cons.

Pro and Con of advanced Machine  

The Advantages of Robotic Machines

The biggest advantage of using robots is that they can store up an enormous amount of data. Additionally, they can do all the dirty, dull and dangerous work for humans. As a result, a human can be more engaged into decision making rather than physical activities. Machines are shaking up the low-skill jobs, but more high-skilled posts are opening. Robots are always active and never get tired. Moreover, they can work 365 or 24/7 and carry out a complex series of work automatically. They do repetitive work, time-consuming tasks efficiently, they are designed to do a dangerous task without rest, sleep or break.

The pace of robots is faster than a human and obviously they are stronger too. They can work continuously with high accuracy without causing any problems. Robots are more detailed and precise than humans and never shake or tremble like human hands do.

Robots can work in a hostile environment because earth or space weather will not affect their performance. They can work in extremely dangerous environments such as exposure to chemical spills in the chemical industry, nuclear plants, space and underwater without the presence of gravity or air.

The robot can be programmed to shoulder greater responsibilities and succeed. Assigning the dangerous task to the robot can avoid danger for humans, Working with heavy machinery for instance, sharp objects and others which concern human health and safety. Robots can work in space, underwater, or underground without gravity or air. They can go far down into the tunnel or unknown places where human health and safety can be of great concern. 

The Disadvantages of Robotic Machines

Using Robots can cost a fortune and requires a great power supply. Robot can be very expensive. Moreover, the repair and maintenance cost can be extremely expensive. The program may require an update to suit new technologies.

Robots are artificially intelligent; however, they can’t be compared to human intelligence. That is for sure. The robots cannot simply think for themselves because they have pre-defined programming. Furthermore, robots will never act any different than the way they are designed or programmed to do. they can only carry out the prescribed task. They do not have any solution to an unexpected situation. At least not for now.

On the other hand, robots can be dangerous and cause destruction when it goes into the wrong hands. They operate based on the information fed through a chip. They may as well be fed a dangerous program. One of the major disadvantages is that robots lack emotion, conscience and empathy. In addition to that a robot can store big data and the ability to do repetitive tasks, heavy lifting jobs for many hours. However, they can never be improved with experience as humans.

Recently, the unemployment rate has become increasingly higher due to the replacement of humans with robot labor in many fields especially in-servicing and F&B sectors. Other service jobs such as selling tickets in the cinema, flipping burgers, making pizza, hotel reception and housekeeping, and manufacturing plants are affected too.

In a nutshell, utilizing robotic machines may bring more technological advancements to all industries. Nonetheless, humans are far more efficient than machine when it comes to creative thinking, decision making, bringing a sense of emotion, empathy, brainstorming, response to an emergency, handling a difficult situation in the workplace and so on and so forth. Indeed, robots’ help humans to be more productive, but humans are the ones Calling the shots. The collaboration between humans and robots can eliminate absenteeism and amplify many facets of work and life. As future robotic technology will get smarter. Human partners need to get smarter, so they can control them. 

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