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Posted on : Thursday 26th March 2020 03:06 PM

Tesla Introduces New Contactless Deliveries in the USA

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Tesla has officially introduced several new options for the delivery of its electric cars. The ‘contactless’ car delivery is naturally due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, but other options are more extensive in scope.

Tesla introduced contactless handovers for Model 3 deliveries in China over a month ago. In the meantime, Covid-19 has grown into a global pandemic. Model Y customers in the USA had already reported similar delivery practices, minimising contact with Tesla employees.

The company has now presented these human contact-minimising measures on its website, and they include a primarily digital introduction to the car’s functions. “With our large centre touchscreen interfaces, you can learn your car’s features and functions by watching the video tutorials from the driver’s seat, or ask a Tesla Advisor during delivery for additional information,” it says.

There are also other options for the delivery itself. The ‘Express Delivery’ option delivers the car to an agreed Tesla location for collection. Once there, the customer can then open the vehicle using the Tesla app. All necessary documents will be inside the car with markings where the customer still has to sign before handing the documents to a Tesla employee at the exit. In exchange, the Tesla staff will hand over temporary license plates, and the customers virtually carry out the takeover themselves.

With the further option for ‘Tesla Direct Drop’, the vehicle is delivered to any location (such as the customer’s own home or workplace). However, in this case, all necessary documents must be completed in advance. The vehicle is opened again via the Tesla app, and the few remaining documents must be signed and sent off within 24 hours.

Accordingly, the changes will initially come into effect in the USA but expect to see them in other markets to follow soon. Even within the USA, Tesla contactless delivery is not yet available in all states: Delivery options may differ due to the respective regulations for vehicle documents and registrations.


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